Average bribe extorted by corrupt IAS Officers

Till about twenty years ago, one could say with confidence that there was hardly any member of the IAS who was dishonest or corrupt. These days, I gather that over half of the IAS have joined the politicians in corrupt practices.

B.K. Nehru in hias lecture The Civil services in Transition delivered on 15/10/1999

We have been collecting information about the amount of bribe paid ( if not the name of the officer) and mode of payment and place of payment. One even revealed the name of the officer

Data collected so far indicate the following during 2008-09:

1. Amount extorted:

About Rs 10 Crores 1 officer

Rs 2 Crores 2 officers

Rs 1 Crore 1 officer

Rs 50 lakh 1 officer

Rs 20 lakh 3 officers

Rs 10 lakh 4 officers

Rs 5 lakh 2 officers

Rs 1 lakh 10 officers

2. Mode of Payment:
In 11 cases out of 24 responses amount in cash was directly received by the corrupt officer. In 4 cases the wife collected the bribe.In 7 cases personal staff collected the bribe In remaining 2 cases middlemen collected the bribe

3. Place:
17 cases in posh hotels
2 in religious places
2 in office
3 in their residences

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