What is expected from those who join Pragati Karnatka

Note: Anyone wishing to join Pragati Karnataka to become part of the network to help others has to satisfactorily respond to some randomly chosen members about his/her intentions. However for giving information about corruption there are no restrictions. Information given would be got examined at different levels. Information given out of animosity etc would be deleted. All information given would be used to rate the offices and not the officials in the initial stages.

First and foremost you are expected to thoroughly understand as to what Pragati Karnataka is and information available on this website(in particular press notes) would help you in this regard.

1. You are expected to collect information about corruption and upload directly or send it by email or give the information over mobile to the numbers indicated. You should not distort any data. If you are not certain about the authenticity of the data, please indicate it. It is quite possible that other persons may also give information which may be used to either retain or discord the data given by you. If you are very confident about illegal assets, you can directly mark on the Google Earth and it gets displayed immediately if you want to make that information public.

2. Please convince your friends and relatives to share the data as this is an important weapon to fight corruption.

3. You would be informed about the dates on which on-line training would be arranged. If for any reason you are not able to be present during that on-line session then you can later view it under the archive section.

4. All materials used for making booklets, pamphlets, posters etc would be put on this website under the Resources Section. All you have to do is take print out and put it at important places.(All heads of the department would be sent a letter to instruct all offices coming under them to display the material on their own. If any of the office refuses there are other methods to display it near the office. Any office refusing to display would be added to the Tainted Office list for the entire world to see. If any department gets more than 10 % of its offices then the Department itself would be branded as Tainted Department and the name of the Head of the Office would be shown under the tainted Officers' List. If the office sets right the lapses it would be brought under reformed list. The same applies to officers.)

5. As part of good governance certain minimum things are expected to be made visible and accessible to the general public. The relevant section would give details about how this would be used to rank offices. You can cover as many offices as possible and upload the information(or send it by mail or inform over phone)

6. If your phone number is made public to assist those who seek help, you are expected to follow certain procedure to physically safeguard yourself. Please do not ignore or take lightly these advices.

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