Pressnote released on Jan 18,2010

Press Note
War against corruption by “Pragati Karnataka”
(People’s Rapid Action Groups Against Tainted Individuals0

India was the last country to sign the International Convention against corruption. But because of selfish corrupt people the fight against corruption has not even started. Karnataka is getting rated as one of the most corrupt states in India while Bangalore has earned the dubious distinction as the Corruption Capital of India. These have made any self respecting kannadiga to bow in shame and has caused concern among the law abiding citizens as to where this will take Karnataka to. All those who are against corruption should have acted long back but at least now they should unite and not just create awareness about the worst impact corruption has on all of us but actively participate in the war against corruption.

What most of the people in Karnataka are not aware is the fact that a few hundred corrupt officers and politicians of Karnataka have kept more than Rs 3 lakhs crores (3,000,000,000,000 Rupees or 3 Trillion Rupees) looted by them from the people of Karnataka outside India!! What is even worse is the fact that such huge looting has been allowed by officers and politicians claiming to be working as public servants!! We must all work together to get back this huge amount to help the poor, the unemployed, students, children, women and the needy. An equal amount has also been looted and kept in Karnataka and other states in India by corrupt people who may number half a lakh. There is an urgent need for all of us to work against these corrupt people who are destroying the very democracy. It should not be really difficult for more than Six Crores people to fight a few thousand people. But we know that these highly corrupt people occupy all important positions in the Government and use every method to silence any individual raising voice against their corrupt practices. Thus citizens, organizations, honest Government Servants and politicians along with the media have to join together and fight against corruption. Let us fight to regain the real freedom: freedom from the corrupt. But the people at the forefront of this war have to be protected and the identity of all those who would like to join Pragati Karnataka would be kept confidential.

How Pragati Karnataka would address the humongous task would be made known through pamphlets, booklets, posters, awareness campaigns, training camps, street plays, dialogues etc. Pragati Karnataka plans to use Technology in a unique way to fight corruption. Hence all professionals are requested to actively participate. We all know that today such a situation has been created that in spite of knowing that paying bribe is a criminal activity the corrupt have blocked all avenues for honest people and bribe is extorted openly in all the offices. The frequent statements made by the Lokayukta and the Human Rights Commission show the extent to which the corrupt have succeeded in killing most of the democratic institutions. Pragati Karnataka’s goal is to have Corruption Free Service as a Fundamental Right and it wishes to create a network of all likeminded citizens and organizations.

While fighting High Level Corruption, Pragati Karnataka also wants to assist people harassed by the corrupt by creating People’s Rapid Action Groups Against Tainted Individuals at every Taluka and District Level in Karnataka. Keeping the safety of the people working in Pragati Karnataka , except giving collection of mobile numbers no other details would be made available.

Pragati Karnataka has no office, no office bearers. There is no fee to be paid to join Pragati Karnataka. The only requirement is not just a dislike for corruption but a proven zeal having fought any social evil(Corruption is the worst of all evils) Anyone wishing to join Pragati Karnataka can contact any of the following Mobile Numbers.

1. 9343833168 2. 9880262535 3. 9035170462 4. 9886067949
5.9620795460 6. 8050503358 7. 9342180678 8. 9741432964

More information about Pragati Karnataka is available in the website :

Any information about the corrupt people, their ill-gotten wealth, harassment to any honest people including officials can be given to any of the mobile numbers given above or can also be sent by email to the following address: moc.liamg|akatanrakitagarp#moc.liamg|akatanrakitagarp

In the first Phase, Rapid Action Groups with trained people would start functioning shortly in Bangalore, Belgaum, Hassan and Dakshina Kannada. The activities of Pragati Karnataka would later be extended to rest of the Karnataka. Professionals and Experts in various fields are available to assist the Action Groups. Pragati Karnataka would publish details of corruption on its website. It would take up the matter with the respective Heads of the Department and with Authorities at State and National level and where needed with International Authorities also. Pragati Karnataka would not hesitate to not just knock the doors of the corrupt but also the doors of all higher ups who fail to act.

All those who are harassed and unhappy because of the rampant corruption are requested to join hands to make Karnataka the least corrupt State in India.

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