Report Corruption or Illegal Assets

You may be wondering how you though forced to pay bribe can now help in fighting corruption. You also know that you are not the only person who paid money. Imagine all those who have paid money in the past giving information about the bribe-takers and after more than 5 people confirming a particular office/official demanding money if the name of the office/official getting displayed on the internet for every one to see. This type of embarrassing the corrupt is the first step in fighting corruption. The information so obtained can be passed to all relevant authorities for taking action. If the higher ups also fail Pragati Karnataka has unique ways of tackling them also. Please do not allow the person who took bribe from you to become very strong. Whatever said above applies if you have not paid bribe yourself but have heard a relative or friend informing you about how he/she was forced to pay bribe.

You can report details of bribe paid/illegal asset information by writing to this email address : moc.liamg|AKATANRAKitagarp#moc.liamg|AKATANRAKitagarp

You can also give information to any one of the following mobile numbers: 9343833168,9880262535,9342180678,9035170462,9836067949,

You can also report details of illegal assets held by the corrupt by clicking this to mark it on Google Map

You can give as much details as possible of bribe given by you or your relative or your friend in the form given below or visit this site which contains this page

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