Information sought under the RTI Act seeking action taken on letters sent by the Lokayukta seeking Government sanction

Applicant’s Name and address
Nandini Layout, Bangalore 560 096

Address of the PIO
Chief Secretary’s Office,
Vidhana Soudha,Bangalore

Sections under which the application made Sections 6(1) r/w 7(1),8(2) and 24(1) – Information sought within 24 hours

Information sought Action taken by Sri S.V. Ranganath, IAS Chief Secretary against IAS officers against whom Hon’ble Lokayukta has given reports for indulging in corrupt practices.
Copies of entire file in respect of each of the Officer against whom Hon’ble Lokayukta is seeking sanction from the Government

Grounds for seeking the information 1.Hon’ble Lokayukta, Karnataka’s Statement in newspapers that if suomoto power is given entire Vidhana Soudha and Vikasa Soudha would be cleared within 24 hours. Also his frequent statements regarding not getting sanction
2.Retired Hon’ble Supreme Court Chief Justice Sri MN Venkatachaliah’s Statement which appeared in the Newspaper that all Departments in Karnataka are run by Mafias

Purpose of seeking Information To file PIL against continuation of corrupt IAS officers occupying important posts

Rs. 10 Postal Order No. 77E 231113 (Attached)

Date of Application 10/2/2010

Signature of the Applicant

Did you know?
1. About 100 corrupt IAS officers occupying important positions cause RS 40 Crores loss to the public every day
2. These corrupt IAS officers are also responsible for the death of 1000 people every day: mostly women and children that too the very poor
3. 3 As a Government Servant, you have more responsibility as you have taken pledge to eradicate corruption in all spheres of life. If you are honest visit (to be launched on 14/2/2010) and give information about the corrupt practices in your office.
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